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Interview with Dr. Jack Stern
Dr. Jack Stern, MD, a spine surgeon specializing in spine neurosurgery and faculty member of the Yale School of Medicine, talks about the usefulness of the Alexander Technique for people suffering from back pain. Listen

Interview with Dr. Paul Little
Dr. Paul Little MD, is Professor of Primary Care Research at Southampton University in England and was the lead Investigator of a recent large scale study that concluded that the Alexander Technique is an effective method of helping people with chronic and recurrent back pain. The study was published in 2008 in the British Medical Journal. Dr. Little summarizes the study and gives suggestions for back pain sufferers and for primary care physicians who treat people with back pain. Listen

NPR Interview with Josephine Gray
Josephine Gray, an Alexander Technique teacher in San Francisco is interviewd by National Public Radio - The Alexander Technique: A Balm for Back Pain?. Listen

The Alexander Technique and Back Pain
This is a very short program produced at MIT about the Alexander Technique and Backpain. Listen

Back Stress Release CD:
Click here for more information on this CD based on the Alexander Technique. is a service of Alexander Technique of Lincoln, Nebraska and Toronto, Canada and Life Bridge Coaching.
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