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Interview with Judy Stern
Judy Stern, a Physical Therapist and Alexander Technique teacher in Rye, New York, talks about some of the connections between Physical Therapy and the Alexander Technique. Listen

Interview with John Macy
John Macy, an Alexander Technique teacher, Physical Therapist and Pilates instructor in Omaha, Nebraska talks about the relationship of the Technique to Physical Therapy. Listen

Physical Therapy and the Alexander Technique
Robert Rickover talks with Gabrielle Czaja, an Alexander Technique teacher and Physical Therapist in Washington, DC, about ways in which these two processes complement each other. Gabrielle's website: Robert teaches in Lincoln, Nebraska and Toronto, Canada. Website: More information about the Up With GravitySM process: Information about the Alexander Technique: Listen

Interview with Diana Rumrill
Diana Rumrill, a Physical Therapist in Washington, DC, talks about ways in which the Alexander Technique can complement Physical Therapy. Listen is a service of Alexander Technique of Lincoln, Nebraska and Toronto, Canada and Life Bridge Coaching.
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