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Interview with Mary Naden
Mary Naden, a voice, speach and presentation coach and Alexander Technique teacher in Tacoma Park, Maryland, talks about ways in which the Technique can help your improve your speaking and presentation skills. Listen

Interview with Harriet Anderson
Harriet Anderson, an Alexander Technique teacher in Vienna, Austria discusses her background and how the Technique can help public speakers of all kinds. Listen

Interview with Sharon Jakubecy
Sharon Jakubecy, an Alexander Technique teacher in Los Angeles, talks about the value of the Alexander Technique for public speaking, job interviews, feeling comfortable with a group of strangers and any other situation where the way you present yourself to others. Listen

Very short interview with Terry Gross of Fresh Air
Terry Gross, the host of Fresh Air on National Public Radio, talks with Farai Chideya of Your Call on KALW in San Francisco about how the Alexander Technique helped her develop her distinctive radio voice. Made available here with the kind permission of KALW. Listen is a service of Alexander Technique of Lincoln, Nebraska and Toronto, Canada and Life Bridge Coaching.
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