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Robert Rickover Interviews

On this page you will find links to several interviews with Robert Rickover, Alexander Technique teacher in Lincoln, Nebraska and Toronto, Canada. Among other things he is also the creator of Alexander Audio and Body Learning (the Alexander Technique Podcast).

Lincoln Journal Star

Lincoln Journal Star Podcast Interview

Listen to Robert's podcast interview about the Alexander Technique with Sheila Storey of the Lincoln, Nebraska Journal Star newspaper. Listen

KZUM Radio

KZUM Radio Interview
Robert is interviewed about the Alexander Technique by Scott Colborn on KZUM Radio in Lincoln, Nebraska. Listen

Interview with Musician's Health
Robert talks about the Alexander Technique and musicians on Musicians' Health. Listen

UnBreak Your Health Interview
Robert is interviewed about the Alexander Technique by Alan Smith, of UnBreak Your Health, a guide to complementary and alternative therapies. Listen

Holistic Health Nation Interview:
In an interview with Daryl Kulack of Holistic Health Nation Robert describes the Technique's usefulness for musicians, dancers and actors.

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