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Talk about their Approaches to Teaching

On this page you will find links to interviews with Alexander Technique who are based in the U.S.A. In the interviews the teachers describe their background and teaching. The teacher interviews are listed alphabetically by state so you can more easily find an interview with a teacher near you.

San Diego: Listen to Eileen Troberman
Visit Eileen's website

San Francisco: Listen to Josephine Gray
Visit Josephine's website

Walnut Creek: Listen to Annette Schmidt
Visit Annette's website

West Hartford: Listen to Elizabeth Huebner
Visit Elizabeth's website

Wilmington: Listen to Imogen Ragone
Visit Imogen's website

Big Island: Listen to Franis Engel
Visit Franis' website

Boston: Listen to Bob Lada Visit Bob's website

Ann Arbor: Listen to Reinaldo Couto
(in RealAudio format)

Minneapolis (West Metro): Listen to Lisa Galbraith Visit Lisa's website

Springfield: Listen to John Appleton
Visit John's website

Lincoln: Listen to Robert Rickover
Visit Robert's website

New Jersey
Jersey City: Listen to Jennifer Kellow
Visit Jennifer's website

New York
Ithaca and Syracuse: Listen to Mona Sulzman Visit Mona's website

New York City: Listen to Mark Josefsberg
Visit Mark's website

New York City: Listen to Glenn Kenreich
Visit Glenn's website

New York City: Listen to Belinda Mello
Visit Belinda's website

Philadelphia: Listen to Mary McCann
Visit Mary's website

Philadelphia and Newtown: Listen to Amy Ward Brimmer Visit Amy's website

Spokane: Listen to William Conable
Visit William's website

Record Your Own Audio Interview
If you are an Alexander Technique teacher and would like to be interviewed, you can submit your own material or make arrangements with for a telephone interview. The interview can then be made available on your web site for immediate listening. It can also be downloaded - onto a iPod, for example - allowing potential students to listen at their convenience. Click here for more information. is a service of Alexander Technique of Lincoln, Nebraska and Toronto, Canada and Life Bridge Coaching.
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